Greenbots Software leverages best of breed learning management systems and mobile learning solutions, designs and develops custom eLearning and corporate eTraining solutions for companies and learners worldwide.

Whom we help

Greenbots assists their customers in making e-learning solutions an integral part of educational and business processes. We reshape learning programs through modern technologies, open up new e-learning channels, and extend e-learning experience across different audiences.


eLearning Service Providers

We provide a full spectrum of services for ESPs along the entire software development lifecycle, including product enhancement, customization, integration, QA and testing, support and maintenance or delivery from scratch.

Corporate Training Divisions

Our experts have vast expertise in designing educational, engaging, and entertaining online learning and corporate training experiences tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Educational Institutions

Greenbots is a one-stop shop for custom eLearning and blended software for educational institutions. We deliver a wide range of solutions embracing virtual classroom integration, online education, admission, assessment, scheduling, reporting and more.

Educational Content Publishers

With ample experience in mobile and web development, we deliver custom secure solutions for content dissemination, storage, search and categorization that allow you to create additional revenue streams through various distribution channels.

Custom elearning solutions for enterprise-wide education

To help our customers hit their learning targets easier and faster, we bring various learning domains under a unified e-learning hood. This allows us to ensure boundless knowledge distribution, a secure collaboration of e-learning participants and extensive e-learning reporting.

Learning management system (LMS)

Creating SCORM-compliant learning management systems, we digitize learning programs enabling tutors and their trainees to benefit from versatile online education.

  • Built-in content management modules and rich multimedia editors
  • Well-balanced course scheduling and planning for effective course delivery
  • Online communication through course chatrooms, embedded messaging systems, and social networking features
  • Individual areas for students and tutors to structure learning content, follow training activities, stay tuned into personal advance and learning updates

Learning portals

We build learning portals to help organizations hit specific learning goals or cover a selected learning area while focusing on the dynamic interaction of e-learning participants.

  • Easy administration of learning materials on the desktop and mobile devices
  • Constant control over student bases, trainees’ performance, progress and preferences to deliver deeply personalized learning experience
  • Simplified collaboration with training providers, built-in mechanisms for e-learning billing and payment
  • Up-to-date analytics to assess learning program effectiveness, learners’ and tutors’ productivity and more

Knowledge bases and wikis

As part of your LMS and learning portal or as stand-alone solutions, knowledge bases and wikis allow you to make learning information and knowledge structured and easily discoverable.

  • Thought-out knowledge storages, libraries, and archives to ensure learning materials and knowledge accumulation and classification
  • Custom metadata and search to support painless information indexing, filtering, and discovery
  • Easy knowledge sharing, dissemination, and reuse
  • Custom spaces for idea generation, brainstorming and knowledge exchange

mLearning solutions

We help organizations adopt feature-rich mobile learning applications to let users learn when and where they need it.

  • Comprehensive learning management features across all mobile platforms
  • Consistent look and feel of e-learning solutions to ensure the learning process continuity
  • Timely access to knowledge and resources aligned with learners’ abilities to retain knowledge
  • Caching and syncing capabilities to help users access educational materials without an internet connection

Custom testware

To help educators evaluate learning effectiveness and control how well learners master new knowledge and skills, we provide them with learning testware.

  • Customized dashboards to facilitate test creation and management
  • Dedicated mechanisms for question randomization and grading
  • Flexible feedback options for course managers, tutors, and students
  • Adaptive scoring based on question grouping, test structure, students’ answers and their knowledge level

E-learning reporting and analytics

With a suitable analytical toolkit, educators can measure the success of training programs, students’ progress, identify weaknesses and timely correct learning activities

  • Real-time, on-demand and scheduled reporting to discover and compare learners’ and educators’ achievements, or course effectiveness
  • Role-specific customizable dashboards for different user groups
  • Data mining to get actionable insights from users’ interaction with online resources
  • Aggregated reports that sum up data from different e-learning solutions

Providing e-learning software development, Greenbots creates fully functional solutions to cover various e-learning domains:

Expanding your elearning capabilities

Greenbots tames modern technologies to diversify users’ e-learning experience, help learning providers make their offerings more attractive while helping learners achieve better results.

Game-based learning

We can make your learning activities more captivating and dynamic through the excitement of a game. By adding gamification elements to e-learning solutions, we help learners and educators reduce learning effort and time. Games help learners get new knowledge in an entertaining manner and memorize learning materials better, as well as allow educators to assess how well trainees apply their knowledge in pre-modeled situations.

Immersive learning

Taking the advantages of Augmented and Virtual Reality, we help our customers put immersive learning into practice. AR and VR technologies enable us to transform traditional learning content into life-like scenarios. This way, learners can exercise their knowledge and skills in a safe virtual situation before they apply them in real life. Implementing virtual e-trips and classrooms, we ensure unique learning experience and help organizations cut their learning expenses significantly.

AI-assisted learning

By bringing the power of artificial intelligence to e-learning solutions, we introduce a deeply personalized learning process based on learners’ experience and preferences. In e-learning reality, AI allows for adapting learning content in real time and making it easy to perceive and retain. AI-equipped learning systems can also help educators excel in learners’ profiling, evaluate every aspect of learners’ education path and adjust it according to their abilities.

Supporting essential tiers of elearning software


Depending on your business domain and needs, Greenbots ensures your e-learning solutions’ compliance with SCORM, AICC, xAPI, CMI-5, IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Learning Tools Interoperability and Section 508 standards.


We prioritize security aspects of e-learning solutions and ensure content, learners’ and teachers’ personal data protection, secure payments, thus making your solution protected against security threats.


We create a connected e-learning ecosystem by integrating e-learning solutions with collaboration apps, payment systems, CRM solutions, BI tools and social networks, thus putting together all e-learning facets.


On-premises, cloud or hybrid, Greenbots builds efficient e-learning software aligned with organizations’ technical capabilities, budget and e-learning targets. We deliver platform-based and custom e-learning applications as well as help you integrate your existing software with popular LMSs to ensure a consistent learning process.

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